The countdown begins!

I am really excited about starting P90X again! I spent today getting ready for the program. I stocked up on the essentials from Costco and some other things I decided I needed for this next round.

One thing was a new mat… in P90X there are a lot of crazy moves on the floor and a good mat is of utmost importance.  Last time I used two normal yoga mats stacked up to provide some cushion. This worked relatively well expect for a  couple of things; one, the mats tear up easily – with all the moves on them little pieces of mat would come apart, two, the yoga mats are not very big. Some moves (Superman/Banana comes to mind) there is a lot of rolling around and accidentally rolling off the mat is uncomfortable.  Enter SUPER MAT:

It covers 24 square feet (although, I have to admit, in my mind when I saw the packaging I thought 24 square feet would be HUGE).

It is an inch thick:

It is nice and padded but not so much that it is squishy… I can stand on it and hold my balance. There is plenty of room for rolling around but that workout will not show up for 4 weeks.

Another thing I needed for the best workout possible are new clothes… I invested in a new workout outfit that includes compression shorts. Now, nobody will ever SEE me in these shorts, but I have to say, they are awesome. They are short, but flexible and offer complete, full range of motion.  When I worked out before I usually wore my running shorts, but I always felt restricted. Not anymore!

I also invested in a new notebook for my calorie counting. Just like went I went to school I could not start a new semester without new school supplies… the same goes for workouts. I was just going to get a normal notebook when I came across this lovely book.

It opens into two pages for each day with plenty of room from food and exercise. I usually just count calories, but this gives room for fat, carbs, protein, fiber and a misc. column where you can track anything else  you want. I think I might track sodium…. although, tracking ALL of these things is rather difficult. If the foods do not have a label then I will have to hunt them down because my calorie counter book only has calories, protein and carbs.

Tonight I gave the shorts and the mat a test run while I did P90X Total Body Plus. I know I said yesterday that I was going to hold off on Tony until Saturday I couldn’t resist. I was ready for a hard workout and I really wanted to see how everything worked. They worked GREAT! I had such a wonderful workout. I was dripping sweat and burned 500 calories in 40 minutes! that is outrageous!



  1. Linda

    Looks like you are ready – good luck!

  2. fab44

    I like the notebook, where did you find it?

  3. Katheryn

    I really love everything that you got, but I agree, there is NO way that mat is 24 square feet… hmm.. well anyway, I love you!

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