The Big U-P!

“U-P” is Tony-speak for his Upper Plus workout. Essentially an upper body workout with some compound moves (think tricep kick-backs with lunges, etc). It was one hot mess of a workout. It was tough… so tough that I managed to burn 350 calories in 40 minutes and I could not even do half the moves!  It was probably the hardest workout that there is in the P90X family. I am not 100% sure it is, but tonight I am saying it is.

The thing that makes P90X PLUS different than regular old P90X are the CRAZY moves… things I have NEVER seen before (I have done A LOT of workout videos over the years, read a lot of fitness magazines and books and listen to fitness podcasts all the time). Where in the world do they come up with these crazy moves?  After a couple of weeks of P90X Plus I will be happy to go back to normal P90X! Who ever thought I would say THAT!

On the nutrition front I had a great food day. I tracked everything in my new handy-dandy calorie counting book. I usually only count the calories, but for awhile I am going to track everything; calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber and sodium.

Right now I am going to use the following totals as my guide to what my daily totals should be. I found a calculator on a website that gave me these totals based on my weight, age, height, activity level and weight loss goals. I will eventually lower my calories, but since I have not been counting them lately I thought I would start off at a reasonable calorie level so I do not feel too deprived and hungry. The key, as most of you already know, is to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables. The goal is to get in the most about of food for the least amount of calories and only foods that come directly out of the earth can do that. Once you start adding the processed food in, even the healthy options, portion sizes go down and calories go up.

Daily Nutrition Goals:
Calories: 1703  (Yes, I thought the 3 calories on the end was odd, but I am going to take them!)
Fat: 56 grams
Carbs: 103 grams
Protein: 195 grams
Fiber: 25 grams
Sodium: 2000 mg, or less

I tracked every single macro nutrient today and ate really clean and healthy (and I thought pretty balanced). I felt good all day and never hungry or deprived. There were times like when I felt like I wanted more but hunger had nothing to do with it. I just wanted more to eat.

Calories: 1191
Fat: 54.5
Carbs: 216
Protein: 104
Fiber: 45.6 (I KNOW, that is excessive – I hope I do not have issues later!)
Sodium: 1976

Clearly I had a few more calories to go, but since I was not hungry I decided not to eat just to get myself up to 1703.  I have to work on my carb/protein ratio. As expected, I was too heavy on carbs and too light on protein. This is going to be tough. I will have to play around and figure out what to do. Even though I have added some meat back into my diet I haven’t really gone “whole hog” (hahaha).

I had two good workouts today:
Lunchtime elliptical: 30 minutes, 342 calories
P90X Upper Plus: 40 minutes, 350 calories

I am already sore from tonight’s workout! That is never good – I can’t wait to see how I will feel tomorrow. Good thing tomorrow is the magical rest day.


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  1. Linda

    It will be fun with your super duper book you bought.

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