Ok… I am sensing a theme this week – tired and hungry! I yawned all day long and had bags under my eyes. I have no idea why, but I have not slept good in a couple of days. I am tired when I go to bed, but then toss and turn all night. I also have crazy dreams all night that do not stop. I wake up tired and stay that way.

My tiredness did not stop me from getting my workouts in. I had a great lunch time elliptical session and then got home and cranked out P90X Legs and Back. I was beat by the time it was over but still had to make dinner. I would have been happy to drink my chocolate milk and going to bed, but then I would have just woke up hungrier:).

For dinner I had taken some salmon out of the freezer with every intention on making it but as I drove home my mind started wandering about other, more yummier foods. Salmon does not do it for me! I stopped at the store and got the fixings for my Greek turkey burgers. They are so good, and good for you! I served them with some fresh green beans from the garden. The meal was good and satisfying. Unfortunately that leaves the salmon for tonight… it is still there and I cannot waste it.

Let’s hoping Thursday is a bit more energetic!


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