Happy Friday!

You know what day it is? Friday…rest day! I worked hard this week and feel pretty good. My eating is not 100% where it needs to be. I think my body doesn’t like the dairy added back in or the meat. I have felt a bit bloated all week and my stomach hasn’t been quite right. Although have have enjoyed the chicken, etc. that I am including back in I now know I really did feel better eating vegetarian. I wasn’t sure at first, I thought I was just making myself think that to make it easier.

So, this weekend I am going to put a new food plan together and go back to more veggie meals, especially for the first part of the day. I read an article from Mark Bittman in Runners World where he said he follows his own diet of “Vegan before 6:00pm”. I think I like that idea and I will give that a chance. It is kind of the best of both worlds.

So, I am off to get ready for work and start my rest day:)


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