How’s the halibut…

Yummy! I have to say, I am not the biggest fish fan, but I know it is healthy and it has all sorts of good things in it…. blah, blah, blah…. I force myself to make salmon occasionally because John likes it. I have decided I like salmon cakes with all the yummy stuff mixed in and usually topped with some sort of sauce.  So, it is odd that I had a strange urge to make fish tacos.

Fish tacos just do not sound that appealing if you think of tacos in the traditional sense… cheese, sour cream, salsa on top of meat. The thought of doing the same to fish is revolting. BUT, fish tacos are actually something pretty different. No dairy involved here. I searched the web for the yummiest sounding recipe and actually came up with a couple that I put together. Both were from Emeril – he never disappoints!

The recipe called for halibut. Luckily Costco sells fresh U.S. wild-caught halibut. I found a nice sized piece for the two of us. I marinated it for a couple of hours in a spice mixture of cumin, chili powder, oregano and olive oil.

Another part of the dish was a corn salad made with grilled corn, roasted jalapenos,, tomatoes, onion, cilantro (yes, normally I hate that, too), and lime juice.

Then, the BEST part… a delicious sauce made from two roasted (on the grill) poblano peppers, two roasted jalapeno peppers, 1 avocado, lemon juice and a bit of olive oil. I blended it up in the amazing Magic Bullet to a beautiful silky-smooth consistency. The peppers were a little hot, but the avocado calmed it down.

It was so delicious!

The sauce was SO good. The flavors all went really well together – the sweet, crunchy corn salad went so well with the fish and sauce. I will definitely make this again.

Oh, yes, the rest of the day was pretty good, too:)

I started the day with a hike in the woods with sweet Mollie. She ran around like a crazy woman and then swam in the pond. I wanted to try to tire her out before I went to work because Katheryn and John were going to take a father/daughter hike and I thought Mollie was going to stay home. She ended up going with them and it apparently was a very strenuous 7 mile hike. She did great and took advantage of every stream they went by. I wish I could have gone with!

I did P90X Chest and Back tonight. I increased the weights a little bit and really focused on my pull ups and push-ups. I am trying to focus more on the muscles and visualizing how they are working. I really feel like this made a difference and got a great workout.


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  1. Linda

    I really hate to say what the sauce looks like – I am glad you enjoyed. I am also always leary of the fish tacos. It seems like I tried them once but forgot where, and as I recall not too bad.

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