Early to bed tonight!

Boy oh boy… 5:00am came early this morning. I was NOT ready for that alarm to go off – in fact, I think it went off for several seconds before I figured out what it was and why the heck it kept making that noise. Luckily I had a cup of Starbucks to look forward to before hitting the track.

I got to the track a little before 6:00 and walked a warm-up lap and did some stretching before starting to run. I got almost a mile in before the rest of the running club showed up. The official start time was 6:15 but I knew that wouldn’t work for me. I needed to start heading back home around 6:30. The plan was a 3 mile run that includes 1 mile uphill…. the chances of me doing that in 15 minutes are ZERO.

Even though I didn’t run with them long it was fun to see everyone first thing in the morning. It was a nice way to start the day and initially I felt pretty energized. About 9:30 I started to get tired… luckily it was snack time so I pulled out a yummy Luna bar and had another cup of coffee (brought from home in my lovely thermos). It hit the spot.

I hit the gym at lunch for my lunchtime elliptical for another 30 minute workout. My office was freezing today, so much so that I couldn’t even sit in my office – I had to take my laptop out and sit in a cubicle. Needless to say, working up a sweat at lunch felt great. After I worked out I took my warm lentil soup and sat outside and ate it. Yes, hot soup on a hot day and I was finally warm! This probably sounds odd to anyone who knows me because typically I am always the one that is hot. It is very odd for me to be cold.

It was a LONG afternoon. I do not feel like I got much accomplished at all today. I really could have used another cup of coffee but I didn’t have any left and the office coffee is not good at all. So, I chugged a cup of water and tried to stay focused. I managed to hang on until 4:57 when I finally gave up and slipped out 3 minutes early.

I was pretty hungry by the time I got home and the thought of making a new recipe that I was not sure would be good was not appealing – so much for trying something new. The chicken curry I planned on making tonight was substituted for some Kung Pao chicken. It is a little time consuming, but I knew it would be good. I added red bell peppers and some garden fresh zucchini. I could have made it a little spicier but it was good.

After that had time to settle I did some house work before heading downstairs for my P90X Shoulders and Arms workout. I lifted about the same amount of weight I did last week. It was still tough after each set so I felt good. My arms were very fatigued at the end and I was sweating pretty good.

It is 9:30pm now so I think I better hit the sack. I got everything organized for the morning because I am doing another 6:00am run. This time we are doing track work. I think if I do morning workouts again it will be once a week from now on. Hopefully tomorrow will not be as brutal as today!



  1. Linda

    I wish I had the energy to workout in the morning. Your Kung Pow brings thoughts of the fun time we had at Katheryn’s 21st birthday – PF Changs, yummy!

  2. Ted

    I wish I had the energy to workout morning, noon and night!

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