Another long day!

Today was a duplicate of yesterday except the run was harder! We did track work this morning which means I had to run “fast”. Note, I cannot help putting fast in parentheses because I feel kind of silly even saying that word in the same sentence as describing my running. But, I did run hard. I did a mile warm-up, 4×400’s and a half mile cool down. I wanted to run longer but I just ran out of time. My 400 splits were not as good as they usually are – I was about 5 seconds slower than usual for each lap, but I was working my hardest. I think it was just too darn early!

Lunch was my normal routine so nothing exciting to report there.

Tonight I decided to switch things up. My P90X schedule called for Yoga, but I had already decided no yoga for me. If I am going to do this plan again I will have to customize and that means NO YOGA. I ended up doing some kettle bell exercises, followed by some really good ab work and then some stretching.  I was dripping sweat from this workout. Kettle bells are hard and really get the heart rate up.

Tomorrow I am not going to run in the morning – three days in a row would be too much! I will probably get on a schedule to do track workout on Tuesday mornings. I think I can handle one early day per week.

Now time to relax!


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