In the groove

I am feeling pretty good this week with the exercise and food. Everything seems to be falling in place and coming easily. It is funny how some days/weeks are a struggle while others come naturally. I think I have more energy this week because I replenished my green drink supply and have been having a fantastic green smoothie everyday.

Green Smoothie:
1 frozen banana
1 cup almond mile
1 scoop Amazing Greens
1/2 c blueberries
2 cups spinach

Give it a whirl in the amazing Magic Bullet and… voila – a delicious and refreshing smoothie. It actually keeps me more satisfied than anything else for breakfast.

For my morning snack this week I am trying the new Luna Protein bar. It is quiet yummy for only 140 calories! I will definitely buy them again.

Lunch has been filling, but not my favorite so far. I found a recipe for Dal… an Indian recipe that used split peas and ginger. I eat it with pita and spinach. It fills my belly but I do not look forward to it like I do my lentil soup from Veganomicon. It is really the best lunch and I will have to whip some more up.

My afternoon snack has been my favorite – Greek yogurt and mandarin oranges. I tried the yogurt with some Kashi cereal, but it was more calories and I didn’t like it as much.  Funny – I keep trying new stuff but in the end I alway go back to my tried and true things.

Exercise was a bit lax today… first of all I did not run this morning. I didn’t plan on it – I was ready to reclaim that half hour of sleep in the morning. Lunch I ended up running an errand so I didn’t do my lunch time elliptical. That meant all my calorie-burning hope was in P90X – Legs and Back. I had to bring it and I did. I worked hard, focused on form and used extra weight were I could. As a result I burned 465 calories. That might not be as much as a run, but for me that is a good calorie burn for that workout.  Tomorrow I have to get at least two workouts in – lunch time and cardio at night.

Now it is time for bed. I had a hard time waking up this morning because I stayed up too late watching reality TV:) oh well.


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