Glorious weekend!

Aren’t weekends always good? I do not care what I do – I always enjoy weekends! This weekend I spent time with my mom, dad, brother and nephew. We had a great time hanging out and relaxing.

The weekend started out early Saturday morning with a 5 mile run around Lake Lanier – it is a gorgeous lake and the loop around it is a hilly and scenic route. I got an excellent workout with two wonderful people. I always say that the best thing about running is the people that you meet and get to run with!

After the run I met with my brother to meet a good friend of his who is a nutritionist. He has been vegan for at least 40 years and follows a strict, nutrition-oriented diet that include plenty of green drinks and fresh juice. I have been contemplating buying a real juicer for quite some time and finally made the decision on one and this man sells them wholesale. I thought I was going to meet him, buy the juicer and be on my way but he was so interesting I stayed and talked for quite some time. I told him what I have been doing so far and how I was moving towards a more nutrition oriented diet and needed to loose another 40 pounds to get to my goal. He had plenty of advice to offer and I soaked it all in.

I bought my juicer along with some green powder to make a “super nutrition” drink. I talked to him about how my day would look diet-wise and took notes. I am ready to take the next step to a healthier lifestyle.

My new Hurom juicer and my favorite appliance… the Magic Bullet!

He asked me what my day currently looked like in regards to food and exercise and then he told me what it will look like now… a big change!

For breakfast and lunch I will be drinking my food. A green drink in the morning and a QUART of juice at lunch. I am a bit worried about not “eating”… I am used having breakfast, snack, lunch snack… Now it will be a green drink in the morning and juice at lunch. I am worried about be hungry and wanting to CHEW something. Although, my instructions are to actually “chew” the juice. The juice and green drink are to be treated like food and chewed, not gulped. This will certainly make me slow down. I tend to wolf down my food so now I can’t.

So, tomorrow morning I begin. I will posted the process and effects of juicing for awhile until I get a handle of how it will go and how I feel during the process. I am anxious to get started!


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  1. Linda

    Good luck! We had a great time with you as usual.

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