Much better juice day!

The day started EARLY! I got up at 5:00, had a quick cup of coffee and was at the track just before 5:45AM. We had a great track workout that was inspired by an article I found about how fit World Cup Soccer referees have to be.

The workout looked like this:

6 x 40 meters (refs must complete 40 meters in 6.2 seconds!)
20 x 150 m w/50m walk in between (refs must complete 150m in 30 seconds, and the 50 m walk in 35 seconds! INSANE!)

We did a 1.33 mile warm-up and then started in on the workout. I did all 6 40 meter sprints; the first two took 10 seconds and the last two took 9 seconds.  Then we started the 150 meters… wow, it was tough and I only did 4 of them before time ran out and I needed to do a cool down and get to work. I did my 150 meters in about 43-46 seconds and I was going as fast as I could! The others that came today were quite a bit faster than I was but it didn’t matter – we were all there for the same thing, a good workout. Everyone was supportive of each other. It was a lot of fun. Now I have to think about a theme for next week.

I had to hurry home to get ready, make my green drink and juice my veggies for lunch. Boy I was busy! The green drink was so delicious, as usual. I love that drink! I did make a mistake though – I was warned to put the coconut oil in last so it didn’t touch the frozen banana but I forgot. Almost as soon as I put it in there is solidified and I had coconut oil chunks in my shake. It was not that bad, but I could have done without them.

Today I juiced only a quart of juice for lunch to go with my Ezekiel English muffin. A quart was  no problem at all. I didn’t feel like I had to choke it down at all. It wasn’t as good as yesterday – I added a few cherry tomatoes and I really didn’t like it as much. I will leave them out tomorrow.

At lunch I had another great elliptical workout. I kept the resistance high and was dripping sweat by the end of it.

I also learned a lesson from yesterday that I really do need my afternoon snack. I brought my favorite Greek yogurt and mandarin oranges. It was delicious and kept me satisfied until dinner.  Since John wasn’t home for dinner I just made a couple of eggs for myself and some toast. It was perfect. I haven’t had eggs in awhile and they tasted great.

I am sitting here now and I am SORE! My hip flexors really took a beating today and I am feeling it now. Hopefully my legs will be strong for my leg workout tomorrow.


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