Day three of juicing

I made some tasty juice today… I added half of a lemon to the other veggies I have been using and I really liked the way it tasted. I will definitely add it to my recipe from now on.  I juiced 2 quarts and planned on drinking them both for lunch. I got down 1.5 quarts this time and couldn’t drink any more. I drank it slowly but still didn’t feel great afterwards. I ended up getting a veggie sandwich to eat shortly afterwards. I just can’t get used to just having liquid in my stomach – I always feel like I need solid food. I felt better after I at the sandwich.

After lunch I had to sit in a training class for 4 hours. It was brutal – very boring and it didn’t add any value to my job. It was a dreaded HR course – “Diversity Training”. It was a lady standing at the front of the class reading a Power Point presentation to us and telling us how we need to accept that other people have different beliefs than we do… even people who strap bombs on their backs. Really? I don’t think so. She made a couple of other statements that were pretty liberal but I just kept my mouth shut.  Aside from the fact that it was boring and not helpful, I had a ton of work to do that was not being done AND for some reason I started getting stomach cramps.  I normally sit quite a bit for my job but I am up and down a lot throughout the day. 4 hours of sitting was not good.

I picked up my first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce order after work. I was to get potatoes, beets, Hungarian peppers and kale.  Apparently they run out of kale so I didn’t get any. This is unfortunate because 1) I love kale and 2) now I do not have any greens to put in my juice. I was counting on having it as I am out of spinach and cabbage.

Exercise…. ouch. After Tuesday morning’s track workout I am still terrible sore! My hip flexors and quads are killing me. Any movement that requires me to lift up my legs – like crossing my legs or getting up stairs, hurts. Tonight for P90X was supposed to my Legs of all things. There was NO way I could do that workout. I decided to do Stretch X instead – 50 minutes of stretching, which I probably do not do often enough anyways. I felt pretty good afterwards and then after a shower put some Biofreeze on my legs.  Hopefully they will heal up soon… you would think all of this juice would help:)

One more day at work and I get to go see my lovely daughter!



  1. Curious how many days you are going to juice for? What veggies are you putting in your juice?

  2. Linda

    You know I am on a diversity committee, it can be interesting but there still are some topics you can’t in all your right mind agree on.

    Hopefully drinking of the juice will get easier.

  3. lauraph2009

    I planned on juicing becoming a daily habit; maybe a regular lunch for me, but I just cannot get used to just drinking. Right now I have been putting in cucumbers, apples, cabbage, parsley, celery, ginger and lemon.

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