Long, wonderful weekend!

I had an amazing weekend with my daughter. We just hung out, shopped, and played with Mollie.  It was too hot to do anything strenuous so I will have to work out hard this week to make up for the break!

This week I am going to continue to make progress with the juicing. I am trying a new tactic – juice for snacks. It might be a little easier to transition knowing that I have solid food waiting for me at meal times rather a quart of greenish-colored liquid! Today it worked.

I started off the day with a delicious green smoothie, then around 10:00 had my first cup of juice made with an apple, carrot and beet. It was cool, smooth and went down easily.  For lunch I had a huge salad that was delicious.  My afternoon snack was my second cup of juice that I made with cucumber, celery and spinach. Again, it went down easily.

I have decided that I was putting WAY too many things in my juice last week. I think the combinatino of all the veggies is just too much right now. The simplier the better. I had this revelation after reading one of my new juicing books that I got this weekend and realized that most of the recipes only had 3-4 different veggies in them.  The juicing books helped me realize that I didn’t have to make a big deal out of it. Juice can be incorportated slowly. As usual, I try to do everything all at one time and get frustrated when it doesn’t work out. When will I ever learn moderation?

Tomorrow morning is another track session bright and early! I was pretty tired this morning so I hope I feel better tomorrow!


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  1. Linda

    Your plan sounds better instead of jumping into all juice.

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