Still resting

I ended up taking a couple of more days off to heal. My legs are still hurting and I do not want to have this injury linger longer than it needs to.  I guess I have been lucky so far that I have not been injured with all the marathon training these past few months. Other than general muscle fatigue I have not pulled any muscles.

The sprints are fairly new and hopefully now that I am incorporating them weekly my body will get used to the stress. We have been doing track work on and off for a while, but mostly 400’s not the short bursts for speed needed for 40’s and 150’s.

Juicing is still going well. I am trying not to dwell so much on it – just trying to incorporate it in my diet and get used to the taste and texture.  I can’t say I love it and I have not been doing it long enough to say it changed my life or anything… I listen to a lot of podcast, read blogs and books where the authors proclaim miraculous, life-changing experiences when juicing. I have not experienced that at all. Maybe one day. I guess I had my hopes up too high!

I do, however, believe completely in the green drink in the morning. I love that drink and think I could have it for another meal – maybe dinner, as well and be perfectly happy. The problem is that I have to cook anyways so I do not really want to make two different meals each night.

Tonight is a fun night – a movie with the girls… I never thought in a million years I would be going to watch vampires with 20 other grown woman. It is fun. Some call it crazy, but who cares. I have had a great time with the new group of woman that I have met!



  1. Linda

    You are brave – Vampire movie! I can’t even watch a 1 hour series.

  2. Ilka

    Did you like it???? Twilight is addictive hahahahha!!!

  3. So, how was the movie? Better question, how are you feeling?? Hope your legs are feeling better! How’s the 2nd round of P90X going? I just ordered the Insanity workout to kinda change things up a little…I am excited to try it out. Next Monday will be my first workout with it 🙂 Hope your injury is improving!!!


  4. lauraph2009

    Hi! The movie was great and the legs are getting better. I think I will be able to run soon. It sounds like you are healing great! The second round of P90X is not as successful as the first. I am still gaining strength, but I am just not as motivated. I will get there…. I can’t wait to hear how Insanity is! It looks INSANE:)

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