Back to Reality

The past three days have been heaven. I have stayed at home for three days and just relaxed. I meant to be more productive than I was this weekend, but oh well.  I always have such good intentions for the weekends! My wonderful daughter was home and I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with her. She and Mollie are so much fun to have around!

Hopefully this week I will have my running legs back. I am going to give it a shot in the morning with some track work. I found a fun-looking workout that I want to try to do. I am not going to push too hard with the sprints so I do not damage the quads again. Tomorrow night I will have to knock out some P90X.

I have to make a plan for next week. I will be in Boston all week and I have a hard time working out while I am traveling. I know it should be easy considering there is a nice gym at the hotel and I work at a sporting goods company…  I am not sure how people do it that travel all the time. I would be a mess. If exercising is not hard enough then you have to worry about the food. There is no way I will be able to carry my green powder and everything else up there so I will have to make the best choices I can. Hopefully this time I will get the Concierge room again – that means a free continental breakfast, bottled water and coffee. Hopefully there will be lots of fresh fruit that I can eat in the morning and pocket some for snacks later.

It’s just about time for bed…early day tomorrow!


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