Another good morning

I headed out early again today for a run at the park. I got there at 5:45AM and started off. The plan was to run slow but consistent. I felt good and my new shoes are finally starting to feel comfortable. I went to a running store for a gait analysis and was recommended some motion control shoes for my over-pronating feet.  Since I have been wearing cushion shoes forever… cushion shoes are comfortable, but do not offer very much support. The running guy seemed to think this lack of support might be causing my hit pain. Who knows… he was not not much older than my daughter, but heck, he too might be a pre-health professional and might actually know what he is talking about.

Tonight I did some P90X legs and abs (not Ab ripper, just my own ab workout). I am going to work on my plank. I hate every single plank position there is… they are HARD, but obviously good for you. Ideally I will eventually be able to hold for two minutes. Right now I think I am at about 30 seconds and that is really pushing it. I apparently have no core strength at all.

Food was good today – a green shake for breakfast, two peaches for snack, a big salad for lunch, an Ezekiel muffin for afternoon snack and another salad for dinner. I have to start juicing again – I haven’t all weekend. I need to find a way to incorporate it in my day without starving. I understand the value in fresh juice and really want to take advantage of the nutrients but I just cannot get used to it. For as much as I paid for that juicer I better start using it!

I am not committing to an early morning run right now. If I happen to wake up at 5:00 and feel like running then I will. If not, then I won’t. We will see what tomorrow morning brings.



  1. Katheryn

    Actually, the “running guy” was a marketing major…sorry! haha definitely NOT a pre-health professional like myself 🙂 I hope your shoes start working..remember, it’s not going to happen overnight since your hips are already in severe distress.

  2. Linda

    You just have to go by the way you feel and not stressing out. I am trying to take it easy too, I try to do crunches in the morning, walking at lunch and gym 2 to 3 times a week. I usually figure out in the morning what I feel like eating for lunch or breakfast. Next time we are over Ii would like to make a vegetable juice. The canned stuff has too much sodium.

    Katheryn you are good! You always give your mom good advise.

  3. lauraph2009

    Yes, we will try some juice! Katheryn really knows what she is talking about!

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