Running Club fun

The Tryon Running Club is getting ready to gear up for some serious training. Scarlette and Katie’s race The Ache Around the Lake is October 2nd. It is a fund raiser for the local hospital and a great run. I am going to help with training runs around the lake leading up to the run. It should help keep me motivated. Hopefully a lot of new people will come out. There will be a special kick-off for the official training program – I cannot wait to tell you about it!

This was a great workout week. I topped it off tonight with some P90X Kempo Cardio. That is always a fun workout – lots of kicking and punching. I actually like to visualize that I am beating someone up… nobody in particular, but random people:) There are lots of good moves like the claw/sword/hammer – claw their face, swipe them with the sword and hammer them in the head – fun stuff!

Another good food day:
B: Green shake
S: banana
L: tomatoes, pita bread, goat cheese
S: 2 peaches, blueberries
D: pasta with tomatoes and feta


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