This is it!

I have had two days of lounging… a body at rest stays at rest! I did 5 miles around Lake Lanier on Saturday morning and nothing since. I need to get my butt in gear. In my defense I had to get ready to go out of town for a business trip this week. I spent Sunday with my wonderful parents and brother and spent today traveling and working. By the time the hotel shuttle picked me up and got me back to the hotel it was 6:30 and I was starving.

I actually atre pretty good today – the Reebok cafeteria has some really good and healthy choices. I had a roasted vegetable sandwich – 350 calories (they even post the nutritional info)!. Tonight I had a lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing. I am going to try to eat some fish this week while I am up here, but the thought of paying $30 a plate for a peice of fish (even on the compay’s dime) does not set well with me. The lettuce wedge costs $8, and even though that is ridiculous for a wedge of iceburg lettuce and some (delicious) blue cheese dressing at least it doesn’t SEEM so bad.

I will be getting up in the morning and working out before work. There is a really nice gym at the hotel and if I do not exercise before work it will not get done.  The shuttle doesn’t leave until 7:30 so that gives me plenty of time to workout, eat my breakfast and get ready. I brought some green drink to mix with juice and hopfully there will be  something decent in the special “concierge” dining room.

It is only 8:30 now and I am ready for bed. 4:00 AM came too soon this morning!


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  1. Linda

    So you did get a concierge room! That lettuce chunk with blue cheese sounds so good even at 8:30 in the morning. I am eating bluberries and cottage cheese (1%).

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