Travel Day 2

It has been a good day. I woke up, had some coffee and headed to the gym. I planned on 30 minutes on the elliptical and I luckily got there in time to get the last one! Most of the equipment was taken. The elliptical that was left was the one in the middle of a bunch of sweaty, middle-aged men.  It was HOT in the gym and you could feel the sweat clinging in the air.  I was worried I was going to start smelling some body odor but thankfully I did not!

After that I headed to the VIP room for some breakfast. Oats with fresh fruit, and some apple juce for my green drink. I also snagged a banana for snack later. So far so good.

Lunch was a big salad from the wonderfully stocked salad bar.  I would love to work at headquarters – so many perks. Granted, it is not free, but not too badly priced.

I spent most of the day talking and talking and talking. I talked so much I was tired of hearing my own voice.  I did a lot of sitting today in uncomfortable chairs and I felt like my lower back was being compacted.  The good thing is that I am working on the third floor – the cafeteria is on first floor and the entrance is on the second floor so I go up and down the stairs to get anywhere.

After work I was going to work out, but again, by the time I got back and got food it was late. I finished eating at 7:30. All I wanted to do was get out of my work clothes and get something comfortable on. I am relaxing now and probably go to bed early. I need to get to the gym a bit earlier to get a better machine. I tried to peak at the other people’s times on the machines and most of them got there about 10 minutes before I did – so that means 15 minutes earlier tomorrow!


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