Tony and Gaga

I am back home from  a week of travel. I feel lazy and bloated despite trying to eat right while in Boston. I think there is just so much sodium in everything that my body just cannot lose the excess water fast enough. I was so busy today that I barely got down my water allotment. I really need to work harder tomorrow.

I planned on running at lunch but I need to catch up on my work. I am out in a couple of weeks again and I have so much to do. I decided the workout needed to wait for tonight.

P90X has been ignored for the past couple of weeks. I need to get back into the routine. You know what they say… a body in motion stays in motion! I need to get in motion… I had a date with Tony and I needed to bring it. The bad part is that I am so tired of listening to Tony. He talks and talks and talks… so I decided to mute him and play some Lady Gaga to pump it up! It worked. They make a great couple. hahaha

So, tomorrow is Tuesday – you know what that means! Track day!  I found a “ladder” workout.

Ladder: 800M – 400M – 200M – 1000M; Half the distance in recovery

I have to break out my pace charts to see how fast I need to run each interval. I am not going to sprint – I have not been running consistently enough the past couple of weeks to warrant any speed. I am afraid I would just pull my quads again. I need to focus on consistency more than anything over the next couple of weeks.

Another thing I need to do tomorrow is go to the store! With all the travel this weekend I didn’t have enough time to really put a menu together and plan. I did make a Costco run and got a few things, but not enough for meals and certainly nothing for juicing.


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