Power breakfast

I started the day today with some apple-beet-carrot-celery juice. I have to say it was REALLY good freshly juiced. I have read that the juice does taste better right away than it does after it sits but I figured it would not be a big deal… I think it is.  I was worried that I would be starving early in the day but I actually had a good bit of energy all morning and had my snack around 9:30 with a big glass of water. In fact I had a lot of water this morning, almost too much! I was in the bathroom all morning and considering I had a couple of meetings it was a real pain!

I headed to the track this morning and had to do my workout alone. Nobody from the track club showed up, but that was ok. I did my workout and went my own pace.  There were other people there also just doing their own thing so I was fine. It was nice just to run my intervals and concentrate on my breathing and form. My hips have been hurting lately but I am hoping that as I start gradually building up my mileage I then my body will get used to it again.

I have to say I am sore from  yesterday’s P90X workout – my armpits are sore! Very odd!


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