I had another successful juicy breakfast – this time it was more green than it was yesterday. The beet I used was white (I was worried it was a large radish at first!) and I used lots of spinach and a kiwi. It was really good and refreshing. The only unfortunate part is that after juicing the juice is warm despite the fact that I had all the veggies in the fridge. I guess the friction of the juicing process warms them up.

Tonight the workout was P90X Legs, Back and abs. It was a good workout and I am sure I will have some soreness tomorrow. My shoulders are still sore from Monday’s workout!

I work a long day tomorrow so my workout will most likely be the elliptical at lunch. I might try to go outside and run if it is not too terribly hot. I need to get some more miles in this week – I might have to run a couple of times this weekend. I have to get in shape for the running clinic coming up! Our running club is hosting a running clinic July 31 with a professional coach. I am so excited for it – I hope it is a big success!


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