WAY too hot!

I really, really want to start running… I need to get back out there and log some miles BUT it is too hot!!!  I can’t even bare to walk from my car to my office. I normally do not mind some heat, but this is ridiculous. My workouts are going to have to be inside for awhile. Which, is not a bad thing… I am getting in my P90X workouts like I am supposed to – no excuses. I have been sore for the past week and it feels good.

Well, I guess it feels good. As good as a constantly hurting body can feel. I do have to say that I would like one pain-free day. Pretty much it is either my foot (Morton’s neuroma – diagnosed by a podiatrist) or my right hip (piriformis syndrome – self-diagnosed), or my arm-pit ( I will spare you the details)… today I have another new pain. Based on several anatomical drawings and my handy Trigger Point Therapy book, I have decided it is myBiceps Femoris:

It hurts down in the lower end of that muscle on both legs. I have no idea how that happened. It hurt when I woke up this morning after doing Plyo and Ab Ripper last night. I have done Plyo a lot and I have never been sore there before. There is no telling… If I had any energy left today I would do some foam rolling and trigger point therapy, but right now I am ready for bed.

I am going to read a bit and relax. Work is, once again, way too much… too stressful, too much to do. I just do not understand why I have to work so hard ALL the time. I would like to work at a happy, constant, steady rate. I do not want it to be panic-emergency all the time. I am ready to win the lottery. I think I could live a perfectly happy life never working again. I can find plenty to do!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    You and me both – we’ll relax next week.

    You make me laugh with your self-diagnosis.

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