This has been a good, solid weel. My goal this week was to get all my P90X workouts in, plus some extra exercise at lunch. I did. After my vacation next week I have to get back into serious run training. I will be doing a half marathon before the end of the year and need to start getting the miles logged. I still have to pick a race – but there will be one.

I although I have been getting my workouts in I haven’t lost weight. Food is still the major issue – I just eat too much…. even when it is good food. A calorie is a calorie and I need to start keeping track again. It is just so mentally draining to have to think about every calorie that I put in my mouth, but apparenlty that is the only way. Calories in/calories out – I know the process and just have to do it. I really thought that after logging them for so long I thought I would automatically be able to eat the proper amount of calories, but not so much. I will get a handle on it. I guess I will call this summer break!

I am on my 6th week of P90X, with a couple of breaks due to travel and injury. I am doing the workouts but certainly not with as much intensity as I did the first time around. I need to get the inensity back too and work HARD. I feel the strength coming back so I know after this last mini-vacation next week I am going be BRING IT again.

It’s Friday and that means rest day! Tomorrow is the Tryon Running Club running clinic! It should be fun.


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