I need a mantra!

One of the things I have to work more on this time around is my mental edge. I am always amazed how surprisingly weak I am. In my normal life I am confident. There are no doubts in my mind when it comes to my ability as a mother or a worker. When it comes to myself I just cannot get it together. Little slips, like a bad training day, cause me to doubt myself. Weeks of no weight loss send me into a downward spiral. No matter how many successes I have had; losing 85 pounds, running 3 half marathons, running 20 miles three times, encouraging others to run and lose weight… it doesn’t matter. I still focus on the failures and bring myself down.

I just don’t get it. I guess I need work!

One thing I read on one of my favorite blogs Oh She Glows Angela, the blogger, has a mantra, “You are so much stronger than you are”. She repeats it during races and even tough training runs. I really like that saying – I wonder if I should steal it or come up with me own! I know I will need something to get me through the next few months of training.

So, I am going to dust off some of my training books and running magazines and search for that bit of advice that will get me through the tough times.  I will come up with something good.



  1. April Kelley

    Laura, I feel EXACTLY the same way. What’s up with that? If you find a solution on how to focus on the positive things, please share and I’ll do the same. I seem to never give myself a break????

  2. lauraph2009

    I will certainly let you know if I figure anything out!!! I thought that when I turned 40 I would get over it…. I guess not!

  3. Ted Phelps

    Mantra? Maybe you should get back to the Marine Corps cadence. Put them on your ipod. I Couldn’t run without it. Gimme some, PT, good for you, good for me. LOL

  4. Not really a mantra, but John Mayer’s “Bigger than My Body” got me through some really tough runs.

    Someday I’ll fly
    Someday I’ll soar
    Someday I’ll be so damn much more
    Cause I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for
    Cause I’m bigger than my body now

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