Running Clinic

On Saturday the running club held our first running clinic with Katie Malone. It was a huge hit – about 20 people came out. Katie was great – I would love to have a coach full time! She taught us proper running form and we did drills to practice the new form and did some running. While we were running she would yell out, “keep your head up”, “swing your arms”… nice queues to keep you right. The funny thing is that you THINK you are doing those things but when she yells them and you correct yourself you find out that you were NOT.

This week I only have three days of work before taking a short vacation with my parents to DC for Dad’s Marine Corps reunion. I am looking forward to the time away. When I get back though it is all business! I have to start training for my half marathon at the end of October. I am going to use a beginner plan and worry about getting the mileage up and not so much the time right now. Then in February plan on doing another one for speed. I have to get back into the swing of things! Summer is just about over and I need to get busy!


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  1. Linda

    I know when I follow videos you always think you are doing correctly until they say hold that stomach in or breathe.

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