Energy like crazy!

I had such a great day – from my morning track workout, to a productive day at work and then an awesome P90X workout – everything fell into place. To top it off I will be rewarded tonight with a visit from my daughter! It couldn’t be a better day.

The morning track workout was great. On the schedule was a warm-up followed by 4×400’s. I am being conservative with my times so I do not get injured. The purpose of this half is to get back into running shape and start building a consistent foundation of miles. The goal for this half is to have a finish time no longer than 2:16. This was the time of my first half last December so I do not want to do any worse. Ideally I will be faster, but it wasn’t hot last time I was training and my plan was a little different.

To help me meet my goal time I plugged some numbers into a great website – McMillian Running Calculator. You put a recent race time and and it will break down the times and paces you should train at. I am combining Hal Higdon’s plan with McMillian’s recommended time. I will train at the following paces:

Long runs: 11:27-12:27 minute miles
Easy runs: 11:27-11:57
Tempo runs: 9:57-10:23
Pace runs: 10:23-10:43
400’s: 2:09-2:16

For this morning’s workout I didn’t quite make my times, but speed training is not really supposed to be done without a good base so I am going to take it easy for a couple of weeks. The goal today was to pick up the pace with each lap:

Lap 1: 2:23
Lap 2: 2:21
Lap 3: 2:19
Lap 4: 2:17

For P90X tonight I did legs and back. I am going to continue with the strength workouts three times a week. I need to build my leg and core strength. This is what has been missing from my other running plans. This time I am going to find some balance!


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