Another morning with the Marine Corps!

I woke up bright and early for my Thursday 3-mile easy run. It didn’t seem easy this morning – I was tired and the air was thick. It was a good run anyways. I worked up a great sweat and got on with my day. My legs were a bit sore from the past couple of days, but not too bad.

The day was very productive – until we had our team potluck lunch! Oh my – I ate too much but it was all delicious. I, being the manager I am, felt compelled to try a bit of everyone’s dish. I certainly would not want to be accused of playing favorites:)

When I got home I was greeted by Mollie and Katheryn – I love having them home. There is nothing like a happy dog. Mollie followed me around while I made dinner and then we went for a walk. It had rained a bit so it was not as hot as it has been. After a good warm-up we (me and Mollie) headed downstairs to do P90X, Chest/Shoulders/triceps.  She especially liked the floor exercises and got in my face whenever she could. She realized she likes Lady Gaga, too… haha. We danced a little after our workout – I think she thinks I am insane!

I am so ready for my rest day! Then, Saturday, a 5 miler around the Lake Lanier. I hope I am ready!


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