3 miles no sweat!

Well, actually… there was a ton of sweat involved! I was drenched after my 3.1 mile run. I ran it at a perfect pace for my training and felt good. I decided to run at night so I got to the park a little after 7:00, walked a bit to warm-up and turned on my Marine cadence.  At first I just put on some music and started running but I couldn’t get my breath right and it felt hard. Then I realized what was wrong – I need the cadence to help me. I SO want to sing along… I do sometimes quietly if nobody is around but it seems there is always someone nearby when the best ones come on.

There were some parts of the run where I was running a 10:20 pace. It felt pretty good for awhile but my heart rate got pretty high and I wasn’t breathing right so I had to slow it down. My average pace for the 3.1 miles was 11:40 – right where it needed to be (for Tuesday’s runs I am supposed to run between 11:27-11:57).

Tomorrow is track day. I am going to brave the midday sun to get it done. I have to run 5×400’s. Should be fun! Then legs and back and night. My legs will be sore on Thursday!


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