Heat, speed, legs

I had a big day – lots I wanted to accomplish. At lunch I headed out to the track (the back parking lot), in the heat and blazing sun. I needed a hat, but had my sunglasses and water so I was ready to go. I headed down there with a small group of people that wanted to try a track workout. Some were walkers, others new runners – either way the support is fun. We walked down there and plotted the course. The parking lot is almost a perfect quarter mile track.  My goal pace for my half training is 2:09-2:16. As always one of the goals in a track workout like 400’s is to finish the last lap with the fastest time.

First lap: 2:20 – way off mark!
Second lap: 2:16
Third lap: 1:58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fourth lap: 2:02

Yes, it would seem that someone else ran those last two laps, but no… it was me. I just had a phenomenal running partner! One of the girls that came down to run is very fit. She ran the first two with one of the other girls and said she wanted to try to keep up with me for the third lap – hahaha. I knew she would be a fast runner – you can tell my looking at her. What was so great was her encouragement. Around the last turn, she said that we were going strong… we were going to sprint the last couple of 10ths…. we kicked it in and WOW!

When I got home I immediately got ready for P90X. I decided to kick up the intensity and take it outside. I got the P90X book out so I would remember all the exercises and did them all in my driveway. It was legs day and no equipment was needed. Normally it is legs and back, but I decided to do back tomorrow with the rest of my upper body workout. It was still pretty warm outside, but it felt good – as expected I was dripping sweat. After I did the whole leg routine I followed up with a few plyo moves. Later I did stretching in front of the TV. It was a great workout day.


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  1. Linda

    Great going!

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