Sweet Rewards

Chocolate milk is the best reward after a long run! You wouldn’t think milk would be refreshing, but it is. I love my little Organic Valley low fat, single-serving containers of milk that I get from Costco. I throw a few in the fridge each week so they are ready when I am. The best news is that there is now apparently scientific evidence that chocolate milk aids in recovery after workouts.

One delicious 8.25oz serving:
190 calories
Fat: 5g
Sodium: 170mg
Protein: 9g
Sugar: 27g

I do not even really need the evidence to convince me!

I had two great workouts today. At lunch I used my company gym to get my Shoulder/Chest/Back workout in. I knew I wouldn’t have time tonight to do P90X so I tried to do as many moves as I could by memory and then added a few of my own with the cable machine. I tried to lift heavier than I normally do with P90X. I got in some ab work, too.

At night I went for my three mile run. I was really looking forward to get outside today – it was a stressful day and I just wanted to be free. I pictured myself running smoothly with the wind in my hair, the breeze in my face… hahaha…. It wasn’t even true the first half mile. It was HOT. I mean, I hate to keep saying it, but my goodness. I sweat so bad that my hands were pruned. I got a new tee shirt but it is too big so the sweat just made it heavier and heavier as the minutes passed. As I ran I was constantly aware of my head phone cord that was under my shirt clinging to my skin and my new iPod arm band tightly wrapped around my right upper arm…. The sweat coming through my hair and streaming (yes, I am not exaggerating!) down my face. I kept feeling tickles on my legs and I thought bugs were crawling on me but it was just rivers of sweat rolling down my legs.  I was soaked.

The first mile was good – I felt strong and steady (despite my above distractions). The second mile was another story. My legs felt so tired and heavy. I could not maintain my pace – even with the Marines helping me. Just before the end of the second mile I really want to stop. I did a bit of run/walking for awhile. I told myself that I could continue this or just walk, but I HAD to finish 3 miles. There was no excuse for not getting the miles in.

Just about that time, at about 2.10 miles, my favorite songs came on. They are the ones that I grew up with (yes, with a Marine for a father you do listen to cadence!) I remember my senior year in high school when I wanted to run and get in shape… Dad had cassettes with the cadence on  and he went out with me early in the morning and we ran together. He even earned his grandfather nickname (HiHi) from my daughter from one of the songs (you would have to hear it). Good times. I had these thoughts while I was listening to these and I felt my pace pick up and I just wanted to finish strong. When I had .2 left I pushed hard – my heart rate ended up at 177. My overall pace was 12:12, which was 15 seconds per mile slower than it should have been but that was due to all the walking in the second mile. I need to set my watch so that it automatically logs the overall and each mile individually. It will be good to be able to break it down further.

Needless to say – I am so ready for my rest day tomorrow! I have to hydrate and each good so I am ready for my 6 mile run around the Lake on Saturday morning. Since the lake is only 5 miles around I will have to tack on some side routes to make up the mileage.


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