Now what?

It is 10:30AM on a Saturday morning and I have already done everything that I planned to accomplish today…. 6 mile run, P90X, abs and stretching. It feels good to have it all out of the way; usually I run and then save P90X for later which sometimes doesn’t always work out. Today I figured that I am already in my workout clothes and already sweaty so I just knocked it out. The great part about running before P90X is that I get to skip the boring warm-up. It is the same thing every single P90X workout and it gets old. In fact, lately, even if I haven’t run I have started doing my own warm-up moves (I like to think of them as dancing). I crank up Lady Gaga and bust some moves. haha.

The one thing I do need to do today is get some more Body Glide. This product is amazing – you apply it to areas where ones skin might rub together or against seams. All of this running in the humid weather has left me with some unfortunate chafing around my sports bra. It hurts so bad under my arms for some reason. I have never had this before. So, this chafing, along with my other armpit issues, is very painful. Even the water hitting it in the shower hurts. Oh well, the price of fitness!

I am going to finish my 8th cup of water (at least!) and find a snack.


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