I tell you what – doing P90X BEFORE speed training is NOT a good combination. I had an excellent Legs and Back and ab workout this morning before work and felt great. I can feel my legs getting stronger… even my hips felt good. I was dripping sweat and gave it all I had.

Fast forward to lunchtime… because of my schedule I didn’t get a chance to workout until 2:00PM. I was not feeling the run – it was HOT out. Now, you are probably rolling your eyes because at what point will I stop complaining about the heat, you wonder. Well, the problem today was that it didn’t LOOK hot outside. It was kind of overcast and just looked like perfect running weather. By the time I made it from my office, to change, to outside the sun was blazing hot… not a cloud in the sky. I ran down to the “track” , took a swig of water and went at it. My first lap was faster than it should have been, but I felt good – 2:05. The second and third were 2:09 and 2:15… do you see something wrong here? The times are going DOWN…. getting SLOWER…. the key to speed work is that your last lap should be faster than your first. Not good. In fact, I  could barely finish my third lap. My head was throbbing and sweat was pouring down my face. My legs were mush. I had to call it quits for the day.

I was supposed to run 5 laps, but I just didn’t have it in me. I will have to do a couple of laps tomorrow before my 3 mile easy run.

On a positive note, there were cupcakes in the office today – lots of them… they looked delicious, but I resisted. Cupcakes will NOT get me closer to my goals. No cupcakes for me! I stuck to the plan and was perfectly satisfied. One day at a time!


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  1. Linda

    Luckily we haven’t had many snacks in our office – I am too easily tempted lately. I’ve slowed down with walking with the heat at lunch time too – I don’t care to feel miserable the rest of the afternoon.

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