I can dream, can’t I?

In my dreams I am running down a smooth path with a few small hills thrown in just for the fun of it. I am smooth and my breathing is quiet and deep. I have a great pace – maybe about 8 minutes per mile. The music is playing, the sun is shining and I am running. I have small beads of sweat on my for head – it is glistening actually. My muscles are strong but flexible. I can barely hear my feet hit the ground – I am gliding more than I am running. The wind is at my back. Everything feels right.

Reality hits when the alarm clock goes off.

I roll over in my bed carefully to hit the alarm. My right hip is stiff so I am slow sitting up. My feet hit ground and the first few steps hurt and even crack a few times. I think the bones are just aligning themselves back (hopefully). After a bit of walking around I start to loosen up and start feeling better. Periodically throughout the day of sitting at a desk in front of the computer I have to get up and move around and the whole process replays itself.. the stiff hip, sore feet. It is a vicious cycle.

I wonder if people that appear to be running effortlessly have these issues? Do they just hid the pain and stiffness better than I do? Maybe tonight I will not dream about effortless running, maybe I will dream about a normal day without any aches!


1 Comment

  1. Ted

    That is hilarious, LOL. Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh out loud, I just loved your story. Now, if you could only live your dream.

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