Forgetful day

All these wonderful things I learn about that might help me are only good if I remember to do them. Visualizing is a great idea – but despite my best intentions to start doing it, I didn’t. It didn’t even cross my mind. Just like stretching and icing didn’t cross my mind today. Or, better yet, bringing my Garmin on my run apparently wasn’t on my radar either! In fact I forgot to blog last night (it is now Wednesday morning and I am just remembering to blog for Tuesday). Time sure flies!

Yesterday’s run was a struggle. I am going to have to eventually get my hips checked out. I am sure it is bursitis or something (based on my professional self-diagnosis). The problem is that nothing I am doing is getting better. My daughter (who is a very successful pre-heath care professional) insists that I need physical therapy. I need exercises to help strength those muscles and sort out my imbalances. I agree. If I remember today I just might check in to that. I have to figure out where to go and it insurance covers it… more things to remember to do!

I am going to sit here now and finish my coffee – I think I forgot to drink it yesterday!:)



  1. Linda

    If your hip is arthritis you can start taking Osteo Flex. I started back on it because my hips have been bothering me walking. I know for sure I have it in one hip. I feel good and than I get off and start suffering again. You might want to see about getting an x-ray.

  2. lauraph2009

    I am going to try to get to the doctor soon.

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