Training plan

I think I am going to change up my training plan for the duration of this half marathon training. I dusted off my Galloway’s Book on Running – it is the run/walk method. I have always been a bit conflicted about this method…. I think if I am going to RUN a half marathon then I need to RUN it. BUT, considering I am having trouble moving this week I just might have to reconsider. This method is supposed to help prevent injury. I have read a lot of message boards and blogs where people really have had great success with this program. Some people have even posted really great times.

The goal is a 3 minute run to 1 minute walk ratio to average a 10 minute per mile pace. It doesn’t seem like the one minute walk would do much, but it apparently does. I will try it this weekend on my run. The problem is that I am running around the Lake – VERY hilly. I am going to give it a shot to see how it goes for 5 miles. Next week I have to run 8 so I will have to decide it I am going to stick with the lake or find somewhere flat to practice on.


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