Going Primal!

This is great –  a new twist on a clean-eating diet… the Primal Blueprint! I vowed I would never follow a DIET again, because they set you up for failure. BUT, I have to get my food intake under control and I found a 30 day challenge online. These challenges have worked for me in the past so I am going to join. The diet is something that makes sense and that I already try to do… hopefully now I will just TRY harder.

So, the concept I have been following is Michael Pollan’s philosophy “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. He has other great little quotes too that I try to incorporate. The key is to eat FOOD, plants, animals, etc. Processed stuff is not food. So, this primal diet is not that much different. The big difference is the lack of grains. Pollan would consider, I believe, rice, wheat, corn, etc., food. I do not think those things are allowed. The diet focuses on meat, veggies, nuts/seeds, healthy fats. I have to learn a lot of the specifics, but what the heck – I need a little kick in the butt so I am going for it. I might even win some prizes in the process!


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