Organizing weekend

I laid low weekend and rested the hips. I got a massage on Saturday morning and that helped my lower back a little bit – I was hopefully for the pain to be gone, but I guess Bonnie is not a complete miracle worker!

Other than the massage I am at a complete loss what what I did all day Saturday! I guess that means not much….

Sunday I had an urge to organize. I tackle my kitchen pantry. I really should have taken before and after pictures because there is a pretty big difference. I had tons of spices and I can never find anything. I found that I have duplicates of some spices just because I didn’t know what I had. I solved that problem and I am pleased with the result.

I also cooked a lot this weekend. Everything turned out pretty good:

Friday: Pan roasted filet mignon, baked potato and salad
Saturday: Pulled pork and cole slaw (not so good) I used a recipe from a new show on Food Network that used Indian spices in the slaw and it was not so good.
Sunday: grilled salmon and shrimp with roasted sweet potatoes. YUMMY. The shrimp was one of Emeril’s recipes and it was good and spicy. Cooked to perfection!

I realize that I never take pictures anymore! I will do better. All of these meals were photo worthy!

Tomorrow is the big PT day! My first day with the physical therapist. I am anxious to see what he has to say and be on my way to getting better.


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