Today was Physical Therapy day.  Just what I expected based on the briefing I got from Katheryn (my pre-health professional). He moved my legs around to test range of motion. I had to hold my legs in certain positions so he could test strength and then also flexibility. Lots of questions were asked.  Naturally, since I have been resting for two weeks all of these things were pretty good. There was some pain, but nothing like I was feeling last week.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be in pain, but when you have a PT to yourself for an hour I was hoping to have more dramatic symptoms. He was probably wondering why I was there.

So, he decided on a couple of things. One, my hamstrings and hipflexors are tight and shortened due to prolonged sitting so when I started running again it caused strain. Two, I am an over-pronator with no toe push-off – basically bad running mechanics. (It explained how I kicked my ankles when I run).

The unfortunate part is he really didn’t have a lot to offer. At work I need to get up and walk around and stretch more. For my feet he suggested some insoles but admitted they might not help. So…. I didn ‘t really learn much.

I will start stretching more, etc., but I have to figure out how to run correctly and just do some general strengthening of my hips. I still think I have something wrong in there. I understand that the hamstrings attach to the hip bone, but my pain feels deeper than that.  So, Thursday I am going to try something else. I have heard great things about a doctor that practices “A.R.T” – Active  Release Therapy. It is a type of massage therapy that really works deep tissue. We shall see. The good thing is that insurance pays for PT and ART so no loss for me!

In the mean time I have to get back into exercise. Today I walked 2 miles at lunch. After work I stretched and did 2 miles run/walk with my new insoles… not good.  After the first mile I had to stop and remove them because my feet hurt so bad – that’s all I need!

Tomorrow I am going to do the same… plus I need to do some ab work. Slowly but surely I will get back!


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