I am really looking forward to the new Active Release Therapy. I hope this is something that helps me. I still have that stupid clicking in my head when I run, in addition to the hip problems, and somehow I think they are all connected. Between this new therapy and my stretching, hopefully I will be back on track 100%.

I have to say that I have been diligent about stretching all day long. I am trying to make a habit of stretching every time I make a trip to the bathroom. I go to the bathroom then head into the locker room and do about a minute of stretching. I try to focus on a different muscle each time. Considering all the water I drink throughout the day it adds up to a good bit of stretching. This seems to be what I needed. The PT said I can’t think of stretching as I do my exercise – a set period of time… I need to incorporate it into my whole day. It seemed to be good advice – I have always dreaded stretching because it was just one more thing I had to do every day.  Hopefully it will soon become habit. I still forget sometimes and get half way back to my office before remembering.

I have also done a good job making an effort to stand up more and walk around more throughout the day. It is amazing how easy it is to just sit all day long.  I found myself forgetting again – I will have to set reminders to myself to get up. I just get busy with a project and don’t move.

Off to get ready for my appointment!


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