We have agreement!

I went to the other therapist today and the good thing is that it is pretty much the same diagnosis as the first guy I saw.  The really good thing is that this guy did a ton of stretching with me, explained to me how tight hip and glute muscles cause problems and gave me specific stretches and exercises to do on my own. The stretching he did with me today was intense. We are not talking about your typical stretches that you can find in any magazine. These were serious business.

I was on a low table, laying on my left side while he positioned my right leg in different ways and then had me stretch as much as I could then when I thought I could go no further he would lean on me with one of legs or hands. I was seriously breathing like I was in labor! It was crazy.

I have specific instructions for stretches that I have to hold for FIVE minutes! That just seems forever. He said the muscle “belly” is not even activated until 90 seconds into a stretch and it takes the whole time for the stretch to reach the ends of the muscle and the tendons, etc.  He gave me stretches to do before and after running. I also have instructions to run at least twice before I see him again on Monday.  I will obey!

He also addressed my “heel whip” (the problem I have been having kicking my inside ankles). The other guy didn’t even attempt an explanation. He told me that my super tight glutes are causing my toes to flair out. My legs are not flexible enough to keep my toes pointing forward like they should.

He could NOT offer any advice about the clicking in my head. It is just this annoying clicking when I run every time my foot hits the ground. I will have to keep searching and hope it goes away!


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