I think stretching is working

It is a few days in to my regular stretching and I think I am seeing some benefits. Most importantly it is getting up and moving more throughout the day. Each day I have been diligently doing my 25 minutes of stretching… it is not so bad – I just wish I had a wall to use where I could see the TV – I can just listen.

5 minutes of:

Then 5 minutes on each side of the Wall Hamstring Stretch – this one HURTS on my right side. Just getting my right leg in this position is a chore!

I couldn’t find a picture of the last stretch – basically I have to lay on my back and bow my body to one side to feel a stretch up the other side, then repeat in the other direction. It is kind of hard to hold for 5 minutes but I certainly can feel it.

The thing about holding stretches this long is that it actually is painful to come out of the stretch! It have to slowly remove myself from the stretch and be still for a moment while my muscles go back. I have been doing these faithfully for four days now. Hopefully I will start seeing some improvements soon.

I also got a new gadget this weekend!  My Gymboss came! This little device is an interval timer. With this I can set one interval or two from 1 second to 99 minutes. This is used for running and lots of other exercises – their website is great, it has lots of workout ideas, video instructions on how to use the thing and just lots of good info.

I used it on my on Sunday and it was great. I set it to run 4 minutes and beep, then 1 minute, then beep and repeat…. I ran during the 4 minute interval and walked during the 1 minute interval. It was perfect. No more constant staring at my watch trying to keep track of the time. I can’t wait to use it again!

Well, off to another therapy appointment!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    That Gymboss sounds neat!

    I hope your stretches work – I should really do more myself.

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