Here is something new….. the W.O.D…. short for the “work-out of the day”. The best thing about Crossfit so far is that everyday is different. Everyday has a new W.O.D. I can either get the workout from any of the many Crossfit affiliate sites or make up my own. There is a pretty simple format that consists of a 12 day cycle of 3 days on, 1 off. Each of the three days has a different focus.

There are three parts: metabolic (basically cardio), gymnastics (pretty much body weight exercises) and weights (with weights!).  On day one you do ONE exercise, day two you do TWO exercises, and day three, you guessed it – THREE exercises.

This week so far my week was:

Day one: run (metabolic)
Day two: squats and pull-ups (weights and gymnastics)
Day three: jump rope, kettle bell, lunges (metabolic, weights, gymnastics)

Day 4: rest
Day 5: starts over with one exercise, but this time it is gymnastics. The goal of today was to practice a skill. I decided to practice push-ups. I found some good videos to help me make sure my form was good. I practiced the “negative” motion of the push-up – trying to slowly lowering myself down while keeping my elbows from flaring.

It has been fun so far – I am actually looking forward to the next workout!


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