12 days of Crossfit

I finished my first 12 day round of Crossfit using the template of exercises on the excellent Crossfit Journal website. I feel pretty good about my workouts but have a lot to improve on. For the next 12 days I am going to do the same things I did the first 12 days to see if I can improve. I hit three of the major exercises that are considered the basics; air squats, dead lift, should press… along with many other movements.

The “air squat” is a squat without the weights, focusing on form and squatting low, quickly. I am not too low yet, but hopefully all of my hip mobility exercises are helping. You are not supposed to move on until you can perform 18-20 perfect squats in a set period of time. I will keep practicing.

Tonight the routine was weights/metcon/gymnastics so I did Shoulder press/jumping jacks/sit-ups (20 each). I was supposed to do as many rounds as I could in 20 minutes. I did 7 rounds, but the last two did not include sit-ups. Crossfit has a very specific method for sit-ups that I tried for the first time.

My lower back started feeling like it could get strained – that probably means I was not doing them correctly. The girl in the video makes it look so easy!


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  1. Linda

    I think I’ll try this type – it sounds like it puts less strain on the back and hips. I like the idea of the pillow under the back.

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