Apparently jump roping is the key to speed, power and finesse… hahaha… we shall see. Crossfit has a lot of WOD’s with jump roping so I thought I would give it a try today. I read the Crossfit message boards a lot lately and I found many people talking about “double unders”. I thought I would give it a try. NO CAN DO. I could not do a single one!!! I kept whipping myself in the ankles with my jump rope. I figure there must be a secret.

Enter in Buddy Lee. He is the world expert on jump roping and man is he amazing. I have now watched all the videos he has on the Crossfit site and I need to work on two basic jumps (bounce jump and jogging steps) before moving to the double under. Once I can do hundreds of these in a row with perfect form them I can move on. Jumping looks so easy – but it is not. I takes attention and lots of endurance.

Here is Buddy Lee – he is amazing…

So, now I have another thing to add to my daily routine. One of my goals is to increase my N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Basically, this is the amount of calories you burn when not intentionally trying to burn calories through exercise. Something I do not get enough of. With a desk job it is hard to get a lot of random calorie burn in, but it can be done. I have been doing better lately because of my hips problems. I am certainly getting up and moving more than I was in the past. Now I have to step it up a bit more. (as usual!)

My hips are so sore again today. Why? I went running yesterday. I even did the Galloway Method of run/walk. I took it pretty easy with a 2:1 ratio for 33 minutes. I maintained a decent pace the whole time and felt pretty good, but I am paying for it today. Hopefully these mobility and strength exercises will start kicking in one of these days!



  1. Linda

    Amazing – it must work he is pretty fit.

  2. Now that’s what I call jump rope!!!

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