Could it be?

I got up this morning, got ready, went to work, worked, got home, exercised, showered…. something is different. It hit me after getting out of the shower. No, I didn’t suddenly have a super-model body, although that would have been a much better revelation! The thing that occurred to me was that I have been relatively pain free. I could get up out of chairs with ease. Better yet, up off the floor after my ab work or stretches… out of the car easily… up and down at the office without stiffness. It is really nice.

Apparently all the mobility exercises are working. And, the fact that, until today, have not been at work for 5 days. I have not been doing a lot of sitting as normal so I hope the pain doesn’t come back after a few days in the “death chair”. (I like that… the guy on the mobility wod blog calls it that). I just have to continue to remember to get up and walk around throughout the day.

I am still enjoying Crossfit. My push-ups are getting stronger and I am getting used to the moves I have been doing. The jump roping has been the most fun. Tomorrow I get to break out the rope again – looking forward to it. The problem is that most likely I will have to jump rope at work. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I noticed that there were jump ropes in our gym. I might just have to do my wod there. It will be fun.


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