Quality over Quantity

This is the new theme for everything food and exercise. Quality over quantity. It is a big change for me since I started my weight loss. In the beginning it was all about how many calories can I burn and how much food can I eat for the fewest calories. Everything was logged and noted. Not a calorie escaped my eye. I’m not gonna lie – it worked. But it was tiring and not the way to live. I was obsessed with logging every calorie and every movement. If I didn’t log it then it didn’t count. If I somehow forgot my heart rate monitor I would not even want to exercise. If I cheated and ate food that was “bad” then I didn’t log it so somehow it seemed like it didn’t exist. It is all very ridiculous if you think about it. It was a good learning experience.

After the marathon experience I was pretty burned out with the obsession of miles and food for fuel and heart rate – all the technical stuff. In a way I took some time off… I continued to exercise and “try” to eat right, but the fact of the matter is I was not focused in those few months after the marathon and it shows. The weight started coming back on. I had to make a decision. Did I want to get fat again? NO. I did not want to lose all those pounds again. It is ridiculous. But apparently my body puts on weight every easily and I have to pay attention. I just did not want to go back to calories, calories, calories…..

So, now. No logging or tracking. Eat FOOD, mostly plants, not too much. workout hard. The nice thing about Crossfit is that the workouts are not long, but they are hard. I might only workout for 20 minutes, but every minute counts. I am not considered with how many calories I burn – just that I work out with perfect form and intensely. I am getting great workouts and have been sore daily – a good kind of sore. I am not getting on the scale to ruin my good feeling. Another new phrase I have learned to decide if I am being successful is “Look/Feel/Perform”. These three things are the factors, not scale weight. I realize the LOOK part will come. Right now I feel better and my workouts are getting better each day. So far so good!


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  1. Linda

    You sound much more content with what you have been doing.

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