Sub broccoli for fries?

Who is this person and what did you do with Laura? I LOVE french fries. I love potato chips. There is something about deep fried potatoes that I normally cannot deny. Tonight I had to go out to dinner with some people with work and as I ordered I found myself saying the words, “City Range burger, no bun, sub broccoli for the fries”. Nuts, I know. The bun was a given… I am trying to do without gluten for 30 days. Fries… no wheat in fries… BUT, I am trying to take each meal at a time and make good decisions and I did.

There is something oddly satisfying about small victories. People who don’t have weight problems don’t understand. Food is just fuel for the body for them. For others, many others, like me food is pleasure. I love eating. I love the taste of food. I really do not discriminate – I love cauliflower and I love fries. It is all the same to my taste buds, but not to my body.

It is the small victories that add up. Anyone can stick to a “diet” for a period of time. It takes much more strength to do the little things day in and day out.

Diet is 80% of successful weight loss. You cannot work off a bad diet.



  1. Linda

    Yes French fries are good and I can easily share with dad. I usually only have them at McD’s. I try to get a substitute and most of the time I enjoy what I picked. Good job!

  2. Way to go girlie.. I need to start making some of those wise choices 😉

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