Trying to hard?

You know, I work pretty hard when I work out. I have even started grunting, when needed, to get the last few reps out. I have been dripping sweat on my exercise mat and it feels pretty good. My push-ups are getting lower everyday – I am still on my knees but the Crossfit video says that deep push-ups on the knees is better than shallow push-ups on the toes. I am going to build up some more and then move to knees.

As I was reading my blogs tonight I came across a funny video and it made me think… maybe I am trying too hard! Haha – these broads are really into their Jazzercise!!! Maybe it is the outfit – I wonder if I could do more push-ups in one of these!!

I will keep working out my way.

I added another new thing to the regime…. fish oil. These days every health publication touts the benefits of fish oil. The problem is that I can’t choke those darn things down. Most of the pills are the size of a small fish! Luckily at Costco this weekend I had a $5.00 off coupon for “Mega Red” Krill fish oil tablets. These are tiny and supposed to be just as good, or better, than the normal fish oil. One down, 89 to go. I am supposed to take one a day and I really and going to try. Really.



  1. Ted Phelps

    Their feet remained anchored for the entire segment. Your mom probably has that on VHS.

    My doctors suggest I take 4 fish oil tablets per day. The VA supplies me with them. Yeah, the ones that are the size of a small fish!

  2. Linda

    Is she for real?! I think I would go crazy listening to her.

  3. lauraph2009

    haha – I know!!! It is Jazzercise – people used to do this!!

  4. lauraph2009

    I cannot imagine taking 4 a day! You are the man!

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