Tabata WOW!

Tonight I had an awesome workout. It was a LONG day at work and I was really looking forward to doing my Crossfit. The plan was warm-up, mobility, then squats and sit-ups. I decided to really start focusing on squats a couple of times a week because the are so good for running. I really need these hips strong and flexible.

20 box step-ups on 16″ box
20 push-ups
10 assisted pull-ups
10 dips

Mobilty was shoulders, hips and thoracic spine

After a warm-up of several slow and not so deep squats I set my handy Gymboss for the Tabata intervals. Tabata is high intensity interval training for FOUR MINUTES. Ridiculous… four measly minutes. The set up is – 8 rounds of 20 seconds of as many reps as possible and 10 seconds of rest. The reps have to be in good form. That was the hard part. I felt good in the beginning trying to keep my butt past parallel. I also had a hard time getting my arms up. These are fast squats so it is easy to lose form.

I watched a a few videos and I found one Crossfit video that shows this workout where during the 10 seconds of rest you hold yourself in the low squat position. I planned on doing that. I did that for 10 seconds and was about to die! I decided to save that for later!

Here are three girls doing the Tabata squat workout. They are FAST, butt low and arms high. I regret to say that I did not look like this! AND, I did not score myself. I was too focused on the squatting to count. I will have to practice that, too!

I did find my groove listening to the Black-Eyed Peas during the workout.

Let me tell you – those were a hard four minutes! I took a few minutes to recover before dropping to the floor for my sit-ups. Those were tough!


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  1. Linda

    Boy, I am tired for the day watching those girls Good luck in achieving, I’m sure you will.

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