The day after…

I am actually typing this Saturday morning, which is TWO days after…. I have to say – I am still so sore it is insane. My arms were immediately sore after the workout and just got increasingly sore as the night, then the next day, progressed. It was still hard to get out of the bed in the morning today. As the day went on yesterday my abs started getting sore and by the end of the night a simple cough hurt. I am not complaining – it is a good hurt. It tells me that I have not been working out hard enough before this week. It was just not the workout Thursday, but before that the workouts I did at home this week I pushed harder than I have been. Going into Thursday I was sore from the Tabata squats I did Wednesday.

Yesterday I decided to get a massage to help. haha. Bonnie, of course, was booked so I got a new guy. He did deep tissue massage. Ouch and ouch some more. While I am sure it did what it was supposed to do, I think I now hurt even more! Deep tissue massage apparently “unsticks” the deep muscle fibers from each other. Well, let me say, the unsticking is not relaxing. But, hopefully my muscles will move easier now.

The unsticking lesson continued as I watched videos on my favorite blog – Mobility WOD

I learned how to properly roll using my foam roller and other tools to help my “sliding muscles”. I have been foam rolling for awhile and not doing it quite right. Considering my soreness from the workouts and the massage I couldn’t bear to do these exercises as well so I will come back to it another time.

Once thing I should have done yesterday is some shoulder mobility work. My shoulders are particularly stiff from the push-ups and probably should have had some attention yesterday so I will do that today. Push-ups are supposed to work the following muscles; pectorals, triceps, deltoids, Serratus anterior and Coracobrachialis muscle (that one was new to me). I feel it in all the muscles EXCEPT the pectorals! I apparently am doing the movement in
correctly. I will need to focus on improving my form when I can move again!


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